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I feel left out that I just barely discovered the "Supernatural" series. It's freaking awesome! I can't believe I'm so behind on it, I'm still barely on the second season.
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You know that expression "I put my pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else"? Well you know who doesn't? Batman (the Adam West version, anyway). Also, even if they are sometimes The Wrong Trousers, Wallace.
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I've had the book "Don Quixote" for a month now and I'm barely on chapter ten. It's a good book but ever since last year I've stopped being the bookworm that could read for hours without stopping. *sigh* Need to get a move on.

Can't wait till school starts next month.
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For a pacifist, I sure have a lot of icons with guns in.

Well, ten in one hundred and ninety-eight, but it's still a noticeable trend probably only beaten by "guys" (one hundred and nineteen) or "girls" (seventy-five). Stuff like colours and fandoms and icon techniques and text don't count.



Jun. 26th, 2009 11:05 pm
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I'm starting to think that DW was overrated. :(
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I think I actually look really, really adorable today. My hair dried all curly and fluffy.
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And I'm pretty much convinced that all these 'social networking' sites are nothing more than elaborate, global sessions of Show and Tell.

This becomes especially clear when you see how some of the kids in the class behave.

X-posted in my own journal.
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I have 11 books in my desk at work. I should probably start finishing some of them.
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I hate it when my internets aren't working right. I'm also wondering how many people are using dw.
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Summer never really seems like a complete season for me. I don't take advantage of it as much as I should.
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What DW communities are you following? I need to find some more!
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I should not have looked at the prop8 tag on Twitter. I cannot believe people really think that way... :(
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It was like a slap to the face seeing the card meant for me on postsecret.

Even if the words were kind, having them made public felt like such betrayal.
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Please don't do this to me. It isn't fair to anyone involved.


May. 21st, 2009 02:57 pm
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I miss having a roommate to bother when I am bored.
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If we have one of our infamous inconvenient fire alarms right now, I may kill someone. I'm using a mudmask thing. It's bright green. I look ridiculous!

...I should be working.
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I love it when I can crank up Amanda Palmer and not feel like I'm disturbing anyone.

There's a party going on in the kitchen. If anyone is trying to study, they're already being disturbed.
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I should be doing homework, instead I am watching Doctor Who - oh wait, I forgot. That IS my homework!

Ok, so my homework is to research three protagonists and answer questions on them. That's a pretty damn good excuse to watch Doctor Who IMO! :)
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I'm trying to be patient, but I feel like I am always waiting for you.
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